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Multi-function relay function description
FRM01 multi-function relay control module is designed for users with different needs. It adopts microcontroller as the main control unit, presets 18 functions, and can customize and add other specific functions according to user requirements.
The module adopts genuine high-quality power relay, high-power high-voltage triode, red and blue signal indicator, military-grade double-sided PCB board, comprehensive consideration of layout, stable performance, and can be widely used in various power control applications.
1. New upgrade to version 2.0, the module function has been increased from the previous 8 to 18, to meet more application needs;
2. Increase the anti-reverse function of the power supply, and the module will not be damaged due to the wrong power supply;
3. Using the top quality high-voltage power supply module to replace the previous discrete power supply, the system is more stable and reliable;
4. Increase the 0.1 second timing function, the timing accuracy is upgraded from the previous 0.1 seconds to 0.01 seconds;
5. Increase the automatic power saving function, the user can set it autonomously.
Module control terminal: 3-wire interface, all interfaces have terminal blocks for user convenience
1. DC+: DC power supply positive (5V, 12V and 24V modules are available)
2, DC-: DC power supply negative
3, CH1: input detection interface, active high
Relay output: 3-wire interface, all terminals have terminal blocks
1. NO: The relay normally opens the interface. The relay is suspended before being sucked in. After the suction, it is short-circuited with COM1.
2, COM: relay common interface
3. NC: The relay normally closes the interface, and the relay is short-circuited with COM1 before the suction is closed.
Load capacity: Normally open port Maximum load capacity: DC 0-30V/10A, AC 0-250V/10A
                         Normally closed port maximum load capacity: DC 0-28V/10A, AC 0-125V/10A

Quantity1 piece
MaterialDouble-sided PCB sheet
Max. LoadNormally open port maximum load capacity: DC 0-30V/10A, AC 0-250V/10A   Normally closed port maximum load capacity: DC 0-28V/10A, AC 0-125V/10A
Input Voltage-V
English Manual / SpecNo
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1 * LED Digital Display

Package Weight:0.033kg (0.073lb)
Package Size:5cm x 4cm x 3cm (1.97in x 1.57in x 1.18in)
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